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Consumer Eyes is a leading global innovation company. Since 1991, we've helped clients develop successful brand strategies and products across a wide range of categories. Our unique process – rooted in the identification of real-world consumer needs and opportunities, and developed through a suite of interactive, tech-forward research tools – has kept us at the forefront of consumer co-creation for over twenty years. And our partnerships with state-of-the-art product and prototype developers allow us to help our clients move more quickly from idea to action.

Let us plug you into this current of creative energy to help you grow your brand or business.


Brand & Product Invention

We have a proven track record of successful product introductions across numerous categories.

Brand Revolution

Bringing a new energy and excitement to established brands.

Strategic Roadmapping

Identifying a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that takes brands from tomorrow to next year to 10 years down the road.

I/ON Learning & Activation Sessions

Each day-long I/ON session focuses around a subject with broad ramifications... subjects every industry needs to respond to.

Product Incubation

Drawing on a community of minds to take ideas all the way to bright.

Target Exploration

Connecting you to the consumer targets that can grow your brand or business.

Innovation & Creativity Training

Helping client teams learn by doing.

SCAD•Con: Student-Led Solutions

Bringing next-generation perspectives to design and innovation.

Small Business Partnerships

Connecting big companies to emerging brands ripe for acquisition.

Retail/Brand Collaboration

Developing innovations with a specific retail partner in mind.

Brand Naming

Creating memorable and persuasive names that perfectly encapsulate an idea or positioning.

Prototype & Package Design

Creating market-ready products and packaging through an extended network of partners.


How We Work

How We Work

Let's face it, we now live in a world of constant information overload. To this challenge we bring an unmatched skill at the art of synthesis. Our twenty years' experience mining for insights, combined with an empathetic understanding of the consumer's point of view, helps us absorb and analyze a range of data streams and quickly distinguish essential, actionable truths from the surrounding noise. 

We utilize cutting-edge approaches that can encompass everything from quick turnaround concept work to long-term brand and pipeline development, and we create a customized methodology for every project.

About Us

About Us

We're a New York-based agency with a global reach. Our extended network stretches around the world, while our offices on Union Square (home to one of the Big Apple's most famous greenmarkets) place us right at the heart of one of the country's most vibrant and exciting cities.


Social Eyes

Social Eyes

Get engaged, stay engaged

Stay on top of the evolving consumer landscape, and tap into consumer trends, attitudes, behaviors and more.


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