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The Greatest Snack You've Never Heard Of

What’s it like launching a snack brand based in an ethnic food culture your customers have likely never encountered?

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Anshu Dua, founder of The Chaat Company. His New York-based brand is launching a new line of Indian street-food-inspired snacks, bringing the flavors of Indian chaat culture to the American snack aisle. We talked about the challenges of starting a new brand, when and why to pivot, overcoming entrenched ethnic food clichés, and how Americans’ openness to new food experiences is transforming the food landscape.

Check out a quick sample below:

And click here to watch the full video on our YouTube channel:

Is Film the New Vinyl?

Everything analog is cool again. The revival started with vinyl records, and in the past couple years we've seen it expand to encompass VHS and even cassette tapes. But perhaps the biggest analog format of all - film photography - has taken longer to build momentum. In the last year, though, interest has been increasing dramatically, and manufacturers are taking notice.

New York has emerged as an epicenter of the new film photo scene, and we recently sat down with two of the movement's biggest figures - Kyle Depew of Brooklyn Film Camera and Geoff Berliner of the Penumbra Foundation - to learn more about why young people are snapping up vintage cameras, reviving once-defunct film brands and diving back into the darkroom.

Talking with Nora and Phoebe of Aida

It's well known that millennials aren't hitting the town as often as previous generations - and who can blame them when there are so many great shows to binge? But it doesn't mean they've given up on entertaining, either - particularly if a glass of wine is involved.

To learn more about how 20-somethings are bringing the party home, we sat down with Nora O'Malley and Phoebe Connell of hip NYC wine bar Lois to discuss their latest venture, a line of packaged snacks called Aida that promise to elevate the cheese plate for the Netflix generation.

Talking Beer with Zach Mack

The craft beer revolution continues to grow, but its poster child - the hoppy, bitter IPA - is giving way to new varieties that boast sweet, sour and even salty flavors. With so many different brewers making so many new brews, it can be difficult to predict where the next big trend will emerge.

To help us find out, we sat down with craft brewing expert Zach Mack, owner of East Village beer geek mecca ABC Beer Co. to discuss the state of the craft beer revolution, the emerging trend of community-supported brewers, and why there's still room in this world of lambics and saisons for a classic mainstream lager.

Non-Dairy Indulgence with Jawea

Just in time for summer, we sat down with Mike Rosenthal, founder of Jawea frozen desserts, to talk about flavor inspiration, health claims, and how a non-dairy frozen dessert can actually be better than ice cream. Check out the video to learn more...

Nano-Batch Kombucha

In the last decade, kombucha has taken over premium beverage cases around the world. But has the once-obscure hippie darling gone soft? This week, we sat down with a super-premium small-batch kombucha brewer to talk ingredients, pasteurization, and the importance of sticking to your roots.

Rebecca Dengrove - Brewla Bars

Rebecca Dengrove is co-founder of Brewla Bars, a line of all-natural ice pops made using brewed ingredients. Each pop also features a distinctive functional ingredient, from added calcium to zinc and B-vitamins. Brewla was started through a Kickstarter campaign in 2011.

Gustavo Stecher - Graphic Designer

Gustavo Stecher is a graphic designer and branding consultant from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has designed iconography for the Argentinean Bicentennial and a variety of brands. He has also created systems of iconography for cities around the world, working with their inhabitants to identify the images and symbols that best represent their home.

Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz is a skincare company "founded on the principle of how to make skincare easy and uncomplicated." They combine sleek packaging and natural, hypoallergenic ingredients to create a functional line of skincare products that work for the widest possible range of consumers.

Joe Salina - Babycastles

Joe Salina is a core member of BabyCastles, a DIY video game collective in NYC. In our interview we discuss the state of games, the mindset of the digital native generation, and BabyCastles' participation in the Maze - a collaborative art installation currently on display at the Secret Project Robot gallery in Williamsburg.

Letha Hadady

Interested in learning more about the world of traditional asian medicine? Earlier in the winter we were fortunate to get a tour of Chinatown's grocery stores and herb shops with Letha Hadady, a renowned expert on Chinese herbs and healing.

Toby Maloney - Mixologist

Maloney's practices an eclectic brand of mixology, inspired by everything from camping trips to van Gogh paintings, aimed at discovering new taste experiences. Still, his work remains grounded in classic ingredients and techniques.

Pichet Ong - Owner, P.Ong and Batch

At his side-by-side P*ong restaurant and Batch bakery, Pichet Ong creates dishes and treats that that juxtapose sweet and savory, and boldly update classic forms. Whether whipping foie gras or freezing ceviche marinate, Ong's goal is to surprise his patrons with something new while satisfying them with something truly delicious. Watch as he discusses the importance of texture and how he approaches the relationship between sugar and salt.

David Graves - Beekeeper

David Graves's family-owned Berkshire Berries produces 25 kinds of jam and jelly, made from hand-picked fruits from their Becket, Mass hub. But it's honey that has made them a legend in New York City. With 7 rooftop beehives in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, Graves harvests and sells "extremely local" honey at the city's largest greenmarket in Union Square.

Fran Costigan - Culinary Guru

Fran Costigan is a nationally recognized culinary instructor, author, consultant, recipe developer and innovative pastry chef who marries healthy eating with sumptuous tastes. Fran's new book, More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally, offers a complete course in exceptional desserts that are vegan by design, not by taste!

Eskender Aseged - Radio Africa & Kitchen

Inspired by home kitchens from Ethiopia to Italy, Aseged hopes to bring the spirit and flavors of home-cooked meals from around the world to a North American audience. His nomadic restaurant, Radio Africa & Kitchen, uses sustainable ingredients (some grown in his own backyard) and sustainable practices to create fresh and balanced meals for its ever-changing menu.