Millennial and Gen-Z consumers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they're all about the #snacklife, grazing throughout the day instead of sitting down for traditional meals. On the other, they see "fresh" as shorthand for "healthy," and are drawn to perishable, authentic, nutrient-rich items that will give them that high-vibe glow.

To help them thread that needle, new categories are emerging, along with new points of purchase, that help make fresh accessible.

We may still associate convenience stores with hot dogs on metal rollers and giant soft drinks, but it's a cliché they're working hard to change. Refrigerated snacks are a growing part of the convenience landscape, with stores rushing to dedicate shelf space to healthy snacks that can be grabbed quickly without sacrificing quality.

Earlier this week, 7-11 added snacks from The Chaat Company to its growing roster of better-for-you refrigerated SKUs. Founded here in NYC, it's a small brand focused on bright Indian flavors and clean ingredient labels. CE has been working with the team at The Chaat Co to bring the brand to life. It is a true first – a unique line, based in traditional Indian chaat, or street snacks, which pair spiced chickpea chips with classic chutneys for a new spin on the chip-and-dip format.

Currently stocked in the store's "Health Conscious" section, between cut fruit and yogurts and under a "Made in Local Kitchens" banner, The Chaat Company is helping push C-Store snacking in a healthy new direction.

The next time you’re in your local convenience store, take a closer look at the refrigerated case - you might be surprised at the variety of snacks you see. And keep an eye out for The Chaat Company’s snacks, available in select 7-11s in NYC right now and in Whole Foods at the end of August!