Perhaps it was just the sweltering weather here in New York last week, but when we arrived at this year's Summer Fancy Food show, the frozen desserts - and their abundant free samples - were calling to us. We couldn't help but notice the number of brands bringing creative new twists to the world of cold, sweet treats. From new functional ingredients to unexpected global flavors, the latest offerings will offer something for everyone trying to beat the heat this summer.

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Radiant describes their product as “beauty ice cream,” and while it eats like an ice cream, it’s really a nutrient-rich blend of plant-based ingredients. Made with almond and coconut milk, it’s fortified with collagen and antioxidants for a functional beauty boost.


From its ‘90s heyday, to the self-serve boom in the aughts, frozen yogurt is always reinventing itself. Sweet Scoops has a two-pronged approach, dialing up the richness for an indulgent texture and flavor while packing it with live cultures for probiotic benefits.


Noona’s Ice Cream, based in Brooklyn, brings uniquely Korean flavors to their ice creams. From Korean Nokcha or Green Tea, to Toasted Rice, Yuzu Blossom, and classic Black Sesame, Noona’s founder Hannah Bae looks to merge iconic Asian dessert flavors with organic, whole-ingredient premium ice cream.

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Inspired by its founder’s fond memories of the wafting scent of her parents’ morning chai, Malai’s super-premium eggless ice cream embraces the flavors of south Asia. From the simplicity of Sweet Milk to complex, nuanced flavors like Pumpkin Garam Masala Crumble and Rose with Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Malai makes smooth, contemporary ice cream filled with the flavors of traditional desserts like kulfi.

Spicy food just keeps getting, ahem, hotter - but we didn’t anticipate seeing it among the ice cream offerings. Hot Scream comes in a range of flavors and heat levels - but really, you should be hearing it right from the man himself, Mr. Daym Drops. Check out the video above!