There's no question that the breakout star in Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones was the errant Starbucks cup that somehow found its way onto a Winterfell banquet table. And while it might seem a little incongruous for Queen Daenerys to be sipping an herbal tea while the warriors around her quaff steins of ale, we think she would fit right in at the trendiest nightlife spots this summer.

Thanks to a number of converging trends - the emergence of CBD and cannabis culture, the growing cachet of wellness among Gen Z and Millennials, and a general interest in getting a decent night's rest, among others - we've seen an explosion of interest in alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

Brooklyn's indoor/outdoor megaclub Nowadays features 'Vibamins' supplement drinks in flavors like Pineal Colada, as well as Pre-Rave and Post-Rave formulas, fortified with an array of natural energy- and wellness-boosters including maca root, cava root and 5-htp. 

At Getaway, a new minimalist cocktail lounge in Greenpoint, cocktails include the ‘Dater's Gonna Date” (medjool date, peanut butter, lime, banana syrup, vanilla, macadamia nut milk and Coco Rico soda) and the ‘That's Just My Face’ (mango & jalapeño purée, lime, elderflower tonic and black sesame), served in highly Instagrammable surroundings.

For beer drinkers, options have been expanding rapidly: Heineken and Pieroni have recently launched 0% ABV offerings, and even Leffe has a booze-free brew in the works.

And for those of us who want nothing more than to stay hydrated, there is perhaps the most extreme beverage of 2019: Liquid Death, a skull-adorned tallboy of pure Austrian spring water, promising to "murder your thirst."

We think even the warriors of the Black Watch could get on board with that one.