Didn’t get a chance to make it to the Pop Up Grocer in New York? We’ll bring you up to speed fast.

We saw plant-based foods multiplying in every category - even a sweet potato-based honey alternative! Sea vegetables were well-represented in snacking, particularly in the booming category of alt-jerky.

More and more snacks are sneaking a dose of vegetable in with their fruits, and indulgences of all kinds are getting a healthy boost - from ice pops with probiotics to athlete-focused fudge.

CBD is in snacks and drinks, but it’s also going ever-more upscale, with beautifully packaged truffles.

Protein is coming from new sources, and in new forms - we saw poppable cricket snacks, DIY nut milk mixes, and portable hard-boiled-egg kits.

Finally, Asian flavors and ingredients were well-represented: ultra-chic sichuan sauce, ghee in many forms (including chocolate spread!) and refrigerated, pre-made Indian meals.

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