Waking up in New York City on cold winter mornings is a real challenge. The sun is barely up and even when it is, the tall building next to mine blocks out most of the early rays. 

I was determined to make this winter different. I purchased a Philips Wake-Up Light and as soon as it was delivered, I was able to set it up in under 15 minutes. I performed a few test wake-ups over a weekend to be sure I had chosen the best settings for me and when the following Monday morning arrived, I woke up feeling refreshed, calm and well-rested.  

Now, I normally wake up long before the alarm's light slowly fades in, ready to start my day. My neighbors probably like me a little better since they don't have to hear my snooze go off every 10 minutes through the paper-thin apartment walls, and I no longer have to cycle through all the various alarm sounds on my smartphone, trying to find a "less irritating" sound. 

For anyone who has had the pleasure of waking up to the sun, this alarm clock is the closest thing you'll get outside of a beach holiday or living in California. It's the best alarm clock I've ever had, and one that I've already recommended to many friends who, like me, have trouble getting out of bed. And if that's not you as well, then please tell me your secret.  

- Hannah