New York's Summer Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty food event in North America, where vendors from around the world come to show off their latest creations.

Increasingly, the show floor feels divided into two separate worlds: booths representing old-guard, traditional "gourmet" products in the European tradition sit next to booths manned by hip creatives bringing fringe food trends into the mainstream.

We scoured the show floor for the most interesting leading-edge products, and talked with creative, enthusiastic young entrepreneurs exploring new ingredients and bringing innovation, functional enhancements and new benefits to the marketplace.

Drink Your Mushrooms

Featuring Säpp and Simply Auri

Energy, Naturally

Featuring White Label and Zest Tea

Fresh Refreshment

Featuring Cide Road and Mansi

Juice Gets Souped Up

Featuring Fawen and Züpa

Maker-style Bone Broth and Kimchi

Featuring Mama O's and One Culture