Image via  On The Roofs

Image via On The Roofs

By now, it's well-known that millennials tend to value experiences over possessions. After all, you can get dozens of great Instagram and Snapchat shots on a trip to Havana, but sharing any more than a couple choice pics of your new ultra-hip Proba rug becomes an obvious humblebrag.

So how are millennials utilizing their vacation time for maximum social media impact in 2017?

The main challenge for a traveling millennial is avoiding overexposed locations. As more and more of the world gets snapped and filtered, enterprising young travelers find themselves needing to push the boundaries to get a photo that hasn't been seen before - even if it means taking their lives in their hands.

A better way to find some fresh experiences off the beaten path would be to use an app like Kindred, which connects travelers with friends-of-friends living in their destination city. With a local guide, the likelihood of having a No Reservations-style food adventure increases dramatically, and they may even know the best place to snap some killer sunset timelapses.

Unfortunately, another option is to visit locations that won't be around - at least in their current form - for much longer. "Last-chance tourism" is predicted to be a major trend in 2017, as vacationers flock to picturesque, sinking locations like the Maldives and Venice, and the rapidly-disappearing Great Barrier Reef.

The ultimate shareable vacation, though, might be one few millennials can afford. Elon Musk's SpaceX recently announced that it is hoping to send paying passengers on a trip around the moon sometime in 2018. While figures have yet to be announced, it can be assumed that the passengers are paying well into the tens-of-millions for their round trip - but we expect the toughest part will be waiting until they get back to upload their pics.