When you think of 'fresh,' what comes to mind? Vegetables harvested by a farmer early in the morning, still covered in dew? A truck of produce arriving at the farmers' market before the crack of dawn? A trek into the forest to forage for mushrooms?

At this year's Food Loves Tech conference, it was clear that a new paradigm is emerging - a way of producing food that leverages technology not to create artificial or processed foods, but to enable restaurants and consumers to get whole foods at their freshest. 

We talked to four companies changing the way we think about fresh.

Click any of the links below to watch a specific interview:

Seed Sheet, a startup that bills itself as the Blue Apron of gardening

PicoBrew, maker of smart countertop beer-brewing devices

Gotham Greens, an urban farm with locations in New York and Chicago

Smallhold, a mushroom farming subscription service used by restaurants like Mission Chinese

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