Every few months, New York faces another 'it' food - an item so novel, Instagrammable and, hopefully, delicious, that we can't help but line up for it. Over the last decade and a half, we've been happily indulging in delightful abominations like the Ramen Burger, the Cronut, and milkshakes from Black Tap that may or may not feature an entire slice of cake. But the Raindrop Cake is truly something different - a translucent sphere of gelatinous perfection that has the Brooklyn food world mesmerized.

Made with only water and agar, this otherworldly dessert is paired with roasted soybean powder and a pool of brown sugar syrup. Fans say flavor isn't really the point of this hypnotic snack, though: what's earned it so many fans is its delicate, smoother-than-gelatin texture. If you're interested in trying it, you'll have to brave the formidable line at Smorgasburg - there's no word yet on a permanent location.