Remember astronaut ice cream? Turns out it was just the chalky, crumbly tip of the iceberg. We seem to be in something of a space-food revival, whether that food was grown in space, stored there, or just passed through for a moment.

Suntory is currently preparing to send whiskey to the International Space Station, where it will be left to age as part of a study to determine the effects of microgravity on its flavor - and, we have to assume, the effects of keeping a bunch of astronauts cooped up with whiskey they aren't allowed to drink.  

At the same time, Nasa is currently growing lettuce in space, in the hopes that space-to-table eating could someday help sustain astronauts on long missions.

And finally, in honor of International Beer Day, we have to mention Ground Control, Ninkasi Brewing Company's limited-edition beer brewed with yeast that took a short side-trip to outer space before being added to the mash. Does it taste any different? We can't say for sure, but send us a bottle and we'll be happy to report back.