While most leading-edge foodies are only now hearing the “superfood” buzz around moringa leaves, they’ve been on the CE radar ever since some of us discovered them on our far-flung tropical vacations (the pic above is from a surfer bar in Nicaragua).

It’s easy to see why the leaves and pods are touted as miraculous; they’re the rare vegan equivalent of milk and eggs: high in digestible protein, calcium and iron, not to mention vitamin C and antioxidants.

But you may be wondering, how do they taste? Wonder no more; here are the results of our office taste test: the matcha-like green powder has an earthy aroma similar to cut grass, perhaps mixed with a hint of that other kind of grass that isn’t legal in all states. The flavor is similar to a green or fermented tea, which explains why it had such a bland taste when we tried it as a tea. But our colleague Tiana Sahedo, remembering her childhood in Guyana, assures us the best way to enjoy moringa is to sautée the leaves with herbs and spices and eat it like spinach.

Sounds like another taste test is coming soon…