In the interest of security, many of us have switched over to password managers - those clever programs that store all of our various security credentials somewhere in the cloud, keeping us from having to walk around with our pockets stuffed with little scraps of paper.

Now, a new service called KeyMe looks to do something similar for physical keys. Take a photo of each of your keys on a white background, and you can upload them to KeyMe's servers. Then, any time you need a key, just stop by a Lowe's, log into their kiosk and print out copies of whichever key you need. You can even share key files with housemates electronically.

Exciting, to be sure, but also a little scary in a world where reports of new hacks seem to come in daily. KeyMe is a great example of how the cloud can make our real-world lives easier; we just hope they don't turn out to be a cautionary tale, too.

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