Today's animal lovers are looking for new ways they can share bonding experiences with their favorite dogs and cats. Luckily, there are a lot of new products and services that can help make those dreams come true.  

Share A Meal  

Over the past few years, we've seen cooking meals for pets move from the fringe towards the mainstream. Now, ABC Cooking Studio, a popular Japanese cooking school, has partnered with Purina's cat food brand MonPetit to help cat owners take this culinary trend to the next level. At the school, aspiring cat chefs can receive hands-on instruction on how to create four delicious meals suitable for both kitties and their owners to enjoy.  

Like the idea of dining alongside a cat, but don't have one of your own? Spend some quality time with a feline companion at New York's first permanent cat café, Meow Parlour. The concept has proven popular enough that the café now recommends making a reservation in advance. And the trend seems to be spreading – Oakland, CA cat lovers can already check out Cat Town Café, while Washington D.C. residents will soon be able to patronize Crumbs and Whiskers.

Run With The Dogs

Every dog owner has wondered what Fido is up to when left alone at home. A new high-tech collar called Wüf (which recently had a successful run on Kickstarter and is now in beta testing) promises to provide the answer. The collar has two-way, bluetooth-enabled audio, so owners can talk to their dog remotely or soothe him when he starts barking. The Wüf app also gathers data to give owners a clearer picture of the dog's lifestyle and habits, from his activity level over the course of the day to the different places he goes, tracked via GPS.  

If you want to see everything your dog sees, check out GoPro's Fetch. This harness lets owners attach one of the popular rugged action cams right to a dog's back or chest, so you can really view the world through his eyes!