We love Halloween candy just as much as the next office, but in this line of work, it's easy to get... a little jaded. So when our candy cravings strike, we tend to look for unusual flavors, hand-crafted ingredients, and truly cool packaging. Where are we getting our kicks? Click through for our favorite candy hookups -

Lollipops are a great carrier for just about any flavor - and Austin-based Lollyphile takes this to its furthest extremes. Along with the classics, the small-batch lollipop maker offers boundary-pushers like Blue Cheese, Absinthe, IPA, Cereal Milk and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Licorice alone is certainly an acquired taste, but in our travels we managed not just to fall for the stuff - we fell for its most extreme form, the sharply salty licorice candies popular in Scandinavia. If you follow us on Instagram, you may already know about Tyrkisk Peber - with a spicy kick to go along with the salt and licorice, these Finnish hard candies can best be described as a sensory overload. Stateside, a couple companies have started producing salty licorice; our favorite is Jacobsen, from Portland, OR. The fact that it comes in such cool packaging doesn't hurt, either.

And finally, for truly novel candy, you can't do much better than Japan. Here in New York, it's not hard for us to get our hands on the trendiest snacks from Tokyo, but it can be a challenge if you don't live in a big city - which is why services like Japan Crate are so great. Subscribe, and every months they ship a selection of up to 2lbs (!) of crazy Japanese candy and treats right to your door.