Sometimes it just takes a few tries for an idea to stick. Augmented reality, for example, was a big buzzword a few years ago; apps like Layar and  Google Goggles were must-downloads, Google Glass was on the horizon, and it looked as though we'd all soon be living in a hybrid of reality and the internet.

Well, we can't really call that initial wave of interest a bust - AR did catch on in some industrial fields, for example - but it didn't exactly catch fire, either. But now, with virtual reality the current techie darling, Microsoft may have found a new angle for AR. Their HoloLens headset looks a little like an Oculus Rift, but with one key difference: you can still see out. Using technology originally designed for the Kinect, the HoloLens merges stereoscopic 3D graphics with the world you see in front of you, resulting in some truly impressive experiences that merge the immersive nature of VR with the context-awareness of AR.

HoloLens kits won't be out in the wild until at least this Spring, but if we had to pick one headset right now, the HoloLens looks like an exciting example of convergence in the wearable world.