Developing new technology takes time - which means that those of us who love to hear about new advances in robotics typically have to wait a while between items. Sometimes, though, the stars align and we find ourselves inundated with robot news - and that's just what has happened over the last seven days.

It began with the blogosphere's thrilled/terrified reaction to the newfound jumping ability of MIT's Cheetah Robot, and has been followed by more feats of robot dexterity, like this humanoid 'bot that moves boxes just like a real (struggling) person. And of course we watched and rewatched the remarkable feats - and untimely demise - ofthis tiny robot, too. 

Finally, we have some hope for the logistics of working robots, via The Verge, where they've found that the actual cost of Amazon's delivery-by-drone service could be quite reasonable. Well, as long as we assume that the program could be implemented without any legal hurdles or unforeseen conflicts. It might be a while before your next Amazon box drops onto your porch from the sky, but we're glad to see that one of Amazon's most out-there visions has some real-world viability.