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Do you ever feel a little lost when you scan the craft-beer section at your local grocery store? Letsee Beer, a new app from South Korea, uses augmented-reality tech to identify any beer and immediately show user comments and reviews. Mashable recently called it "like Shazam for your beer," and it's a great example of a developer finding an effective real-world use for AR, a technology which often feels like a solution in search of a problem.

There's a bigger point to be made here, though. Craft beer is certainly a booming market, with so many new varieties that brewers are actually running out of new names for their beers. But the broader food world is experiencing a similar trend, with major players increasingly seeing their markets filled with lots of agile little competitors. And while consumers love the variety and regional stories these smaller brands present, there's also a point at which it starts to look like a lot of noise. 

The opportunity to help consumers hone in on the right item exists everywhere - and on every shelf of the grocery store. As smaller players take a larger slice of the pie, expect to see similar attempts to help intimidated consumers take advantage of all that choice.