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Where's the Beef?

Over the last few years, we've watched the lowly burger ascend to the pinnacle of foodie adoration. And yet, as we've chowed down on cheeseburgers all the way from Shake Shack to In 'n Out, there's always been a slight pang in our hearts for the beef burger's ersatz cousin - the veggie burger. With thoughts of grass-fed organic beef in our heads, it's easy to overlook those vegetable patties that have always seemed reserved for dieters and our one vegetarian friend. But now, there might even be a veggie burger revival on the horizon...

Our friends at Serious Eats recently reviewed the veggie burger at fast-growing California chain Burger Lounge. Made with organic quinoa and brown rice, plus carrots, zucchini and mushrooms, it's a hearty sandwich with a falafel-like crunch. And National Restaurant News recently reported on Umami Burger's mushroom-and-edamame Earth Burger, as well as Elevation Burger's vegetarian and vegan burgers. “Since we opened, we wanted to be sure our concept included options for vegetarians because they usually get treated like second-class citizens,” said Hans Hess, Elevation Burger’s chief executive and founder. Their vegetarian option is made with "three kinds of mushrooms, onions, brown rice, rolled oats, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, bulgur, parsley and spices."

Sounds like the newly-exciting veggie burger is just about one food truck away from becoming the next big thing.