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Kalettes: The Hottest New Culinary Mashup?

If you were told you could make a hybrid of any two vegetables, which would you combine? If you've been following restaurant trends, you'd know you couldn't do much better than a mashup of kale and brussel sprouts. Two vegetables that had suffered from image problems for years, they've since become hot items on menus around the world. And now, British vegetable breeding company Tozer Seeds has announced a hybrid of the two - Kalettes™.

Fortify Yourself for Spring

More, more, more! According to Mintel’s GNPD (Global New Products Database) a staggering 156,125 new consumer products were introduced in 2005... one every 3.5 minutes. So we thought it was time to play a little catch-up. As ever, adding new benefits (via supplementary ingredients) to old favorites was a popular ploy. Herewith, our pick of some of the more offbeat and colorful of the new fortified products:

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

Thanksgiving Wishes From Consumer Eyes

Below is a reprint from yesterday's New York Times Op-Ed. We are sure many of you read it, but just in case you missed it, we wanted to send it along as 'food for thought.'

Op-Ed Contributor: Food Without Fear

November 23, 2004


Veggie Soul Food

Vegetarianism is growing in popularity among a community that previously showed little interest - African-Americans. Black communities from New York and Los Angeles to Chicago, Atlanta and St. Louis are suddenly teeming with soul food-inspired vegetarian options.

What's behind it? Some think it's related to an ongoing immigration from Caribbean countries like Jamaica, home of the traditionally non-meat eating Rastafarians. Others cite hip hoppers' new taste for tofu.

Oh Pho-ey!

We've seen Asian fusion restaurants opening up almost as fast as Starbucks chains, and now it seems they have spawned the newest, hottest ethnic-dishes-to-go-mainstream.

The first is pho (pronounced fu). This Vietnamese noodle soup with beef is sweeping through the U.S. like a monsoon. We're finding it in restaurants all over the place, and even on college cafeteria menus. Soon, Seattle's Associated Grocers will begin distributing a line of instant pho noodles and jars of concentrated pho broth paste.

Yummy Edamame

Health Fanatics and Vegans have been trying to bring soy to the mainstream for decades. It's been a tough road, though, as consumers have always found tofu bland and haven't quite worked up a taste for soy milk.

But now, soy may finally be getting its day in the sun. It's in the form of "edamame," the new healthy snack-in-a-pod that's all the rage.

The Raw Food Trend

The new trend in cooking these days seems to be NOT cooking.

Eating foods raw is the new "in" diet, as well as the latest food philosophy being spouted by so-called health gurus. It started in California - where extreme vegetarians started claiming that "fire is the enemy." They say that any food that's been touched by heat has been stripped of its nutrients.