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Ironing Out a Design

Ironing clothes can be a pain on the go – not only do you need a heavy iron and space to do it, also you need an ironing board, and even if you’ve got the full set up, there’s always that one spot in your garment that’s just impossible to get to.

The Proof is in.... The Proof!

Move over, low-alcohol cocktails. The newest trend in imbibing seems to be skyrocketing proofs. Just look for anything labeled “barrel strength”, “cask strength”, “navy strength”, or “overproof” – chances are they won’t be very hard to find.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Is pudding set to be the next big thing in dessert trends? New York Natural Pudding Co. founders certainly think so. They’re already stocking 30 local stores with their premium, old-school pudding in 12oz containers with flavors like French Toast and Salty Caramel.

Previewing the Low Line

The spiritual successor to New York’s High Line might be a little more underground– literally. This past weekend, we checked out a proof-of-concept demo for the Low Line, a proposed park to be built in an abandoned underground trolley garage on the Lower East Side. A system of solar collectors and reflectors would direct sunlight down from the surface, allowing trees and grass to grow in the cavernous space and creating a dreamlike outside/inside atmosphere.

Taking a Creative Look at Urbanization

Last night I headed out to the Flux Factory art space in Long Island City for the latest in their series of Deathmatch Debates, titled Is Small Big Enough? The question pertained to what are known as "urban interventions," projects in which designers, artists and urban planners create spaces and experiences that improve the quality of urban life.

Teens Love Texting, But Not That Into Twitter

According to a new research report from Business Insider, kids aged 12-17 just aren’t that into Twitter. In fact, of teens with Twitter accounts, only 11% report using it every day while 72% report never using it.

Also in the report:
– Teens send about as many monthly texts (3417) as 18-44-year-olds combined
– 32% report going to porn sites (while 12% of parents report knowing that their teens go to these sites)
– 53% clear their browser’s history after going on line
– 45% minimize browser windows when parents approach

Summer Melon-ades

It seems like every summer we hail a new “it” drink, and 2012 looks no different. Only this time, instead of so-old-its-new-again rosé, exotic pisco or healthy-hippie kombucha, the collective zeitgeist has anointed the humble, down-home watermelon as the fruit of choice. Find it around town in everything from mixed drinks like the Watermelon Margarita at Talde, to aguas frescas like the Watermelon-Chia Seed at Empellon Taqueria, to boozy slushies like the Thai Basil Watermelon Snow Cone at Zengo.

Can Video Games Become a Spectator Sport?

Already big in countries like South Korea, professional eSports are close to breaking into the American mainstream. This weekend, Major League Gaming will hold a tournament in Anaheim, CA that may turn out to be the watershed moment for pro video gaming in the States. Competitors will battle in a variety of genres, from fighting games to military strategy, and MLG estimates that 20,000 spectators will attend.

Lazy, Impatient or Befuddled Shoppers Rejoice!

Just like everything else we do these days, new technologies are changing the way we shop for groceries. Here are just a few ways a trip to the store just got (or is about to get) a little smarter and a little cooler:

Edible Silk Freshness Sensors

Questioning the "Caveman Diet"