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Cooling Off with... Yakitori?

Everywhere you look, it’s prime time for foods on sticks – corn dogs at the State Fair, kebabs on the backyard grill, paletas at the Brooklyn Flea. But leave it to the Japanese to combine two great skewered foods in a way that only they could want to eat: Yakitori Popsicles.

Make-Your-Own Squeezable Popsicles

Fla-vor-ice is always a hit with the kids. But it might not always be a hit with parents, who want to make sure their kids aren’t getting to much sugar, or want to keep their family eating organic, healthy, less processed foods.

Summer of Lines

One could argue that life has never, in the history of the world, been so convenient. Fresh Direct brings groceries right to our doors, Netflix beams movies straight to our TVs, and the number of reasons to ever leave the house at all are dwindling down dangerously close to zero. 



High Tech Summer

Summer has returned. And even though that’s the season when we jettison schoolbooks and all things brainy in favor of some laid-back fun and relaxation, it’s good to remember that a lot of brain-power and time in the lab went into the gadgets that help make this time of the year feel so carefree. Here are just a few examples:

High Tech Basking: Sand-Free Beach Mat

Sips of the Summer

The lazy days of August are upon us, and for many people that means long weekends spent with friends and family, and relaxing summer evenings spent drink in hand. Which makes us think this is the perfect moment to look at what's bubbling up in the world of alcoholic beverages:

Beer Cocktails

Everything's Coming Up Rosé

For some reason, drinkers in the U.S. are suddenly blushing... at least when it comes to their choice of wine. Compared to France (where rosé wines, also known as blush or pink, regularly outsell white), American consumers have long viewed rosé as something of a poor relation to "real" wine. Which makes its current popularity all the more extraordinary.

'May Flowers' Go High Tech

Memorial Day weekend's here, and with it come thoughts of sunny summer days and lush green gardens. This year, thanks to some nifty new tech tools, the dream is becoming easier to realize even for those without a naturally green thumb.

A Taste of Sunshine

Here at Consumer Eyes we're as anxious as anyone to escape winter's bitter cold. But rather than packing our bags for a weekend in the Bahamas, we simply let our taste buds do the traveling. In our latest category sampling (we conduct these internal sessions regularly, to ensure that we stay au courant) we tasted around thirty varieties of citrus fruits, from Melogold Pummelos to Dweet Tangors.

The Nose Knows

As the summer heats up, and the air in the city fills with scents both sweet and...well, not so sweet, we thought the time was ripe to see what's making news in nose-land. We sniffed around, and here's some of what we found.

Focused Fragrances: