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The Latest from Food 2.0

We recently sent a team member to the Food 2.0 conference, a daylong series of panels here in NYC that looked at the growing relationship between food and technology.  With all that we learned, "growing" might be too gentle a word - the relationship between food and tech is booming!

New York's New Foodie Epicenter

Lately, when something cool is happening on the New York food scene, it usually turns out to be happening somewhere in the vicinity of Madison Square Park (at 5th Avenue and 23rd Street). The park is the annual home of the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party – which brings together the country’s top pitmasters and over 100,000 die-hard barbecue enthusiasts every June – and every week seems to bring fresh proof that this unassuming corner of NYC is at the forefront of many current culinary trends.

Dispatch from the Burger Revolution

It’s one of the enduring food stories of our time-- the reinvention of the once-humble cheeseburger. Every city now seems to be taking its own regional tastes and styles and exploring them in burger form.

Pacific Theatre

All About Pancakes

It's said that during tough economic times people turn to classic comfort foods. If so, it looks like the culinary star of this downturn might just be the humble pancake, which is suddenly everywhere you look. Some of our recent pancake sightings:

Slappy Cakes: Make Your Own Pancake Restaurant

Sips of the Summer

The lazy days of August are upon us, and for many people that means long weekends spent with friends and family, and relaxing summer evenings spent drink in hand. Which makes us think this is the perfect moment to look at what's bubbling up in the world of alcoholic beverages:

Beer Cocktails

A Trend to Gobble About

“Over the river, and through the woods - Grandmother’s made a 4 o’clock reservation for dinner.” Okay, that may not be the way most of us remember the song, but for a growing number of people each year, that’s the way it’s being sung.

Beer Indulgence

Beer is back. It took some hits during the low-carb craze (for a while the category actually declined), but now sales are up, especially in the craft beer category (which is the single fastest growing segment among all alcoholic beverages with an annual increase of almost 12%.) Even more interesting, beer is making inroads in places it never went before. Namely, the world of desserts.

Asian Sweets Cross the Pacific

Asian cuisines aren't known for their sweets. How then to explain that, wherever we look these days, we're seeing an explosion of fun and popular new dessert places featuring products and flavors from the Far East? A few examples:

Eating Out, Eating Healthy

Dining out is one of the biggest challenge dieters face, because usually they can only guess at the caloric content of the dishes they order. Now there’s a movement to take the guesswork – and guilt – out of the restaurant experience.

Urban Sprawls

It used to be people moved to the suburbs to get away from the city. Now, in some cases, the city is following these folks to the suburbs. And they're eating it up.

We found examples of the new "Urban Sprawl" - literally a multi-block microcosm of city streets that's seemingly dropped into a plot of land in the suburbs - all over the country.