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Minimizing Food Waste in NYC

Excess NYC is a waste-reduction project created by artists in Madrid and New York, and its aim is to minimize the amount of food thrown out in NYC. At the heart of the project is a four-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle that carries bodega-style shelves of food as well as a composter for gathering waste scraps. It will travel to participating restaurants and stores around the city, gathering unwanted food that can be distributed for free in local parks or, if it's too far gone, composted and delivered to community gardens as fertilizer.

Method and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Kids

Innovative cleaning product maker Method hosted numerous beach cleanups this year on Hawaii’s beaches (where GPGP debris often washes ashore) and collected 3000 lbs of usable plastic material. It was then mixed with conventional plastic waste and incorporated into their packaging for their new Sea Minerals line. We think it's great to see a brand pushing recycled-content packaging beyond just a percentage number on a label!

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Consumer to Consumer

eBay began an internet phenomenon of consumers transacting business with one another directly. Today, the model continues to morph and be utilized across a range of new services. More than ever before, the internet is a place where consumers can reach out directly to one another for financial gain and personal expression. Here are just a few examples:

Zopa.com (consumer as banker)