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Pork Chop on a Stick

Think you know the difference between an Iowa pork chop and a Texas pork chop? Check out our latest video to learn the secrets of one of the Iowa State Fair's most popular foods.

Low Carb and Lovin' It

Lest you think this whole low carb craze is a passing fad, you'll want to meet George Stella, the new, somewhat unconventional face of the diet.

He's not a doctor or a scientist... he's a trained chef. And, he knows firsthand what it's like to lose weight (a LOT of weight) by cutting back on carbs. Stella shed a whopping 240 pounds several years back when his entire family adopted an Atkins-style diet. Now he's bringing his doctrine, and his recipes, to the masses.

Oh Pho-ey!

We've seen Asian fusion restaurants opening up almost as fast as Starbucks chains, and now it seems they have spawned the newest, hottest ethnic-dishes-to-go-mainstream.

The first is pho (pronounced fu). This Vietnamese noodle soup with beef is sweeping through the U.S. like a monsoon. We're finding it in restaurants all over the place, and even on college cafeteria menus. Soon, Seattle's Associated Grocers will begin distributing a line of instant pho noodles and jars of concentrated pho broth paste.