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A New Utensil for Finger Foods

We're a nation of snackers, and a lot of those snacks - from buffalo wings to the latest food truck offerings - are finger foods. If only there was a tool that let us grip those foods without getting our fingers sticky...

Method and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Kids

Innovative cleaning product maker Method hosted numerous beach cleanups this year on Hawaii’s beaches (where GPGP debris often washes ashore) and collected 3000 lbs of usable plastic material. It was then mixed with conventional plastic waste and incorporated into their packaging for their new Sea Minerals line. We think it's great to see a brand pushing recycled-content packaging beyond just a percentage number on a label!

Posted by Steve

Red Solo Cup - Let's Have a Party

Seems that the lines on Solo plastic cups happen to be perfect measures for various standard alcohol serving sizes. While a company rep says that it’s just a coincidence, it seems like great underground marketing. So next time you’re served wine in a plastic Solo cup, make sure they stop the pour at the appropriate line.

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It Takes Green to Be Green

The C-Types are making some noise! To see what people are saying, check out the July 23 issue of AdAge. Among the celebrity C-Type role models flagged in the magazine is Al Gore, aspirational icon for E-litists.