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The Butt Facial

Just in time for summer - when your tushy will presumably have its day in the sun - it's the Butt Facial!

OK, it might be at the bottom of your list, but hipsters in L.A. and New York are taking their derrieres straight to the spa.

The butt facial at Brooklyn's Spa Secret starts with a scraping of the skin (ouch!), then the cheeks are massaged with a skin-firming gel and wrapped in a mask that goes from hot to cold. At the Roxbury Spa in Beverly Hills, they'll tone, buff, de-blemish and polish your butt, and they claim to also be able to get rid of cellulite.

Veggie Soul Food

Vegetarianism is growing in popularity among a community that previously showed little interest - African-Americans. Black communities from New York and Los Angeles to Chicago, Atlanta and St. Louis are suddenly teeming with soul food-inspired vegetarian options.

What's behind it? Some think it's related to an ongoing immigration from Caribbean countries like Jamaica, home of the traditionally non-meat eating Rastafarians. Others cite hip hoppers' new taste for tofu.

The New Volley

We thought it was a fluke the first time we heard about it. Grown adults playing ping-pong? And not while poolside, on vacation? All of our coolest friends were doing it, yet we still had trouble believing ping-pong was hip again.

Then we checked with those uber-trendistas... Japanese teenagers.
Sure enough, the hottest movie rocking Japan right now is an animated feature called "Ping Pong." It's based on the popular comic series of the same name, and with slick computer graphics, techno music and young idols, it's creating a veritable ping-pong fervor in the East.

The Age of the Goddess

Worshipping the goddess sounds more like an offshoot of the teen Wiccan trend than what it really is - the latest (and increasingly ubiquitous) way of celebrating all things female. And of stealing from the past.

Belly dancing classes are gaining popularity, but not as a mere exercise form. Today's belly dancers (and we found them even in towns like Rochester, NY and rural towns in NJ) cry out goals such as "Let your spirit soar!" and "Adorn yourself as the goddess that you are."

Disaster Eating

For the past few weeks, we've heard over and over again the phrases "everything's changed" and "things will never be the same again."

You may have also noticed that in that time, you haven?t been receiving your weekly Eye Sighting.

Well, we promise the two are not entirely connected. While our Eye Sightings were shut down for a time due to technical problems, the hiatus has also given us a chance to digest the events of September 11th and begin to determine their impact on the consumer landscape and trends.

Remembering and Returning to Order

Over the past year, we at Consumer Eyes have brought you a weekly view of some small part of the consumer landscape - a new trend, a behavioral observation, global goings-on. Along with the 'Sighting,' we like to add our own interpretation.

At this confusing time, we thought we would show you the scene that we're observing right now outside of our office windows.

Fast Food Congregation

We're hearing about how people are flocking to houses of worship in droves. Everywhere, churches, temples and mosques are filled to capacity. We're searching, it seems, for some spiritual meaning in all of this turmoil.

Well, even if the faithful don't find meaning, they may at least find something to buy. There's a trend among churches -- mixing business with worship. In some cases, it's about attracting more parishioners. In others, it's more about commerce and convenience.

Sushi On A Roll

Remember when pita sandwiches were new and different? Then came the wrap. Now some people (i.e. protein dieters) are replacing the tortilla with lettuce to enjoy carb-free lettuce wraps. But, what's really the next new sandwich?

We think it's sushi.

The Beauty Medicine Blur

First there were cosmaceuticals - the products and treatments that blur the line between cosmetics and medicine (e.g. anti-wrinkle creams, anti-oxidant lotions and AHA's).

Now, beauty and medicine are creeping into each other's territories in more ways than ever.

Consider the proliferation of medically-inspired packaging - the minimalism of Kiehl's; Prada's new line of blister-pack moisturizer pearls; cream syringes and test-tube make-up bottles.

What's New on the Party Scene

Leading edge females aren't just bonding over their ubiquitous Cosmopolitans. They're now adding "theme" to the party mix.

Believe it or not, Tupperware parties are back. The colors and designs are of-the-moment, and you can even take a quiz on the Tupperware website to determine the type of in-home fest that would suit you best.