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Eating Local... Bugs!

So you’re pretty with-it… you’re canning in your Brooklyn kitchen, homebrewing in the garage in Portland, foraging for herbs in Austin, but are you hardcore DIY enough to grow your own protein? We’re not talking about livestock – we’re talking about bugs!

The Six Feet Under Menu

After creating a menu based on animal heads for last year’s Wellington on a Plate Festival, New Zealand chef Jacob Brown is taking a different approach this August. His Six Feet Under menu will include six courses of calves’ feet, pigs’ feet, venison tendons, black-foot abalone and snails feet.

Going "Beyond Meat"

Hey meat lovers, would you like to dig on some fake vegan lab meat instead of that heritage pork chop? No? Well the folks at Beyond Meat think they can change your mind. Started by a couple of the guys behind Twitter, Beyond Meat claims to have developed a product to fool the die-hard carnivore — its so realistic, long-term vegans may actually be put off by it.

All About Lamb

Our latest Eyes On the Road video takes you inside the sheep barn at the Iowa State Fair, where we learn a little about exhibiting a prize sheep - plus the factors that are determining market prices for this premium industry. 

Pork Chop on a Stick

Think you know the difference between an Iowa pork chop and a Texas pork chop? Check out our latest video to learn the secrets of one of the Iowa State Fair's most popular foods.

Food That's Not Awful...

You may not be familiar with the term ‘offal,’ but if acclaimed British chef Fergus Henderson has anything to say about it, you soon will. Offal refers to the parts of animals generally not considered good eating. Parts like the stomach, glands and bone marrow-- or in chef’s parlance: tripe, sweetbreads and, well, bone marrow.

Meat Market

Today's hottest club scenes are filled not with cosmos and dancers, but with carnivores and T-bones.

The steakhouse is back- and it's not your father's steakhouse. Today's chophouse appeals more to the female population (no big surprise here, since all the skinny girls fear carbs more than they do Mad Cow Disease).

At hot steakhouses like L.A.'s Lincoln Steakhouse Americana and The Lodge, you'll find lighter décor, velvet ropes and club-style music. What you won't find, besides carbs, are pot-bellied men puffing cigars.

Blueberry Season

While the rest of the world is taking advantage of the summer crop by mixing blueberries into muffin batters and cereal, some food scientists have found an alternate source for them... your meat.

Veggie Soul Food

Vegetarianism is growing in popularity among a community that previously showed little interest - African-Americans. Black communities from New York and Los Angeles to Chicago, Atlanta and St. Louis are suddenly teeming with soul food-inspired vegetarian options.

What's behind it? Some think it's related to an ongoing immigration from Caribbean countries like Jamaica, home of the traditionally non-meat eating Rastafarians. Others cite hip hoppers' new taste for tofu.