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Comfort Foods Aren't Always Comforting


Already in a bad mood? Step away from the Krispy Kremes – they will only make matters worse, according to a new study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University.

Apparently people in a bad mood are doomed to experience an even worse mood after indulging in high sugar, high fat comfort foods. One culprit could of course be a sugar crash, but we can’t place all the blame there – it turns out some commonly eaten comfort foods are chemically similar to mood enhancing drugs.

Building a Smarter Fork

Sure, you’ve got your Weight Watcher’s apps and even your little Alli pedometer, but lets be real – neither of those are really as interactive as they could be.

Restaurant Snacking Gains Steam

It’s a trend that has infiltrated every class of restaurant, from the dollar menu to the tasting menu. Call it what you will – small plates, shared plates, minis, tapas or the fourth meal – the snack sized portion has taken the country by storm.

What's Popping in Popcorn

Love popcorn, but hate the bits that inevitably get stuck in your teeth? The latest snacking innovation is Pipcorn, which uses a specialized varietal of corn notable for its brittle husks. They break up into tiny bits when popped, unlike other kernels that stay intact and are harder to digest.

Will "Artisanal" Give Way to "Antique"?

In a restaurant-rich city like New York, it can be easy to get the feeling that regional cuisine has explored every region, that modernist chefs have created every conceivable texture, and that every nation's fare has been fused and remixed with that of every other. Fortunately, we're noticing signs that cutting-edge gourmands have found a new vein of inspiration to mine -- the past.

Movies You Can Taste

The 5th annual NYC Food Film Festival, which begins tomorrow, is founded on the idea that seeing food up on a screen is no substitute for tasting it, smelling it, experiencing it.

Eyes On the Road: Talking with Fab@Home at the Maker Faire

At this year's Maker Faire, we had a few minutes to talk with some representatives from Fab@Home, a group that is helping to develop open-source standards for the world of rapid prototyping. They've created some remarkable innovations - and our favorite has to be the ability to print 3-D objects out of food. The possibilities seem endless! Check out the video to learn more and see a couple of their machines in action.


The Next Culinary Superstar?


Every once in a while, the stars align and what was once a lowly foodstuff gets its moment in the sun. All signs point to the grilled cheese sandwich as the next food to shine.

Spice of Life


According to conventional wisdom, Americans are becoming increasingly open to new tastes and spicier meal options. Now comes news that there may be reasons beyond added flavor for people to add an extra pinch of heat to their next meal. 

EYES ON THE ROAD: Consumer Eyes Visits the Iowa State Fair

There’s nothing quite like the state fair – and no one, arguably, has a better state fair than Iowa. From the livestock shows to the deep-fried food, to the yodeling contests, to the world-famous butter cow, the Iowa State Fair is a great American tradition. As citified New Yorkers, it’s a tradition we don’t often have an opportunity to take part in – but this year we decided to attend. We’ll be taking photos, tweeting and recording interviews with vendors, visitors, competitors and experts – and we’ll be passing all the insights on to you!