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A Coffee Machine that Roasts and Brews

Within the world of coffee enthusiasts, there's often a battle between Keurig users and purists: purists claim that a Keurig's pre-packaged units and brewing process limit the quality of the coffee being made, while Keurig enthusiasts point to the speed and ease with which their machine can brew a hot cup. 

Pizza at the Push of a Button

In the last couple years, a great deal of thought has been put into the pizza-ordering process. Hungry customers can follow Domino's Pizza Tracker, which logs every step of their pizza's creation, from the initial order, to baking, to the moment it leaves the store. A Domino's in Salt Lake City even installed 5 webcams in its kitchen for maximum transparency. And online ordering, through a company's site or services like Seamless, has become the norm. So where can we go from here?

The Consumer Eyes Bake-Off Begins!

Here at Consumer Eyes, we love immersing ourselves in the latest trends, and we can take it pretty seriously! We've recently started a Consumer Eyes Bake-Off Challenge, in which our different departments show off their baking prowess – it's a great way to immerse ourselves in baking culture, explore new ingredients and trends, and of course enjoy some delicious treats. 

The End of 3rd Ward, But Not of an Era


Maker Faire 2013


Eyes On the Maker Faire

What have you made lately? In an increasingly digital world, we all get the urge to build something tangible – and it’s that impulse that led to the creation of the Maker Faire. Now in its third year, the Faire will bring hundreds of exhibitors to the New York Hall of Science this weekend for two days of building, hacking and repurposing.

Eating Local... Bugs!

So you’re pretty with-it… you’re canning in your Brooklyn kitchen, homebrewing in the garage in Portland, foraging for herbs in Austin, but are you hardcore DIY enough to grow your own protein? We’re not talking about livestock – we’re talking about bugs!

Rum & Coke From a Vending Machine? Why Not!

So says the management at Taco Mac in Atlanta, who are hoping to repurpose Coca Cola’s successful Freestyle machines to also dispense booze along with their 120 sodas. If they have their way, expect to have the privilege of adding anything from rum or vodka, to tequila or Jack Daniels to your Cherry Coke-Sprite-Fanta concoction.

Just watch it with the DIY Long Island Iced Tea.

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Virtual Maker Camp

Beginning July 16th, geeks of all ages can ‘attend’ a unique summer camp… no registration (or bug spray) required. MAKE magazine is sponsoring Maker Camp, a virtual camp (geared towards teens, or so they say) with a focus on creating, building, and discovering. Each day, for 30 days, a new project will be posted by a counselor. These expert counselors walk campers through each step of the project. Every afternoon, campers can log on to a Hangout on Google+ to discuss the project and browse photos submitted by their camp friends.

Eyes On the Road: Talking with Fab@Home at the Maker Faire

At this year's Maker Faire, we had a few minutes to talk with some representatives from Fab@Home, a group that is helping to develop open-source standards for the world of rapid prototyping. They've created some remarkable innovations - and our favorite has to be the ability to print 3-D objects out of food. The possibilities seem endless! Check out the video to learn more and see a couple of their machines in action.