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Organic White Sale

We know consumers are increasingly demanding 'all-natural' when it comes to their groceries... but does the same hold true of their bedding?

Introducing Organic beds. Everything having to do with the bed -- from the mattress to the pillow shams -- is totally pure, made with 100% organic cotton, natural rubber and absolutely no chemicals.

Companies like Lifekind products (www.lifekind.com) say they're trying to minimize the health risks that could be associated with conventional beds and linens.

Wearable Therapy

For those consumers who get bummed out around the holidays, there are some wearable gadgets that might just lift their spirits.

Mood Foods

The latest self-help cause among consumers is a bit fishy.

Call it the food mood movement. It's been brewing for years now, and reached its peak about a month ago when the headlines broke on yet another study proving omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) fight depression.

Now psychiatrists are prescribing fatty acids instead of Prozac to their patients.

Just the Flax

Everywhere we turn, we find another health-foodie who's on a flax diet.

The nutty, buttery flavored grain has been cultivated since 9,000 B.C., but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that Entertainment Weekly Magazine named it the 'in' diet.

If you check out the facts on flax, you can see why it's so hot. Flax is high in potential cancer-fighting omega-3 fatty acids, full of fiber and also contains lignans, a plant estrogen that may protect against breast and colon cancer.

Hick Chic

If you want to find the latest, hippest consumer, don't head for the clubs... check out the trailer park.

That's right. Hick is the new hip.

In Manhattan, trendistas are footing cowboy boots and sporting mullet haircuts. At night, you'll find them throwing back $6 Pabst Blue Ribbon beers in hillbilly-themed bars like Motor City and the aptly named Trailer Park Bar, where racetrack and trailer park paraphernalia adorn the walls.

Home Video Editing

Think you received (or at least heard about) every new gadget and tech toy over the holidays?

Cooking for a New Generation

Many consumers in the Gen X and younger range don't have the time or the know-how to cook. For them, Martha Stewart is beyond aspirational.

Enter Donna Hay - domestic goddess for a new generation, the Microwave Generation. Hay teaches a relaxed approach to cooking. Her books include 'New Food Fast,' in which recipes are classified according to cooking time (none more than 30-minutes) and more recently, 'Off the Shelf,' which advises on how to stock a pantry and then combine fresh ingredients with pantry staples for fast, delicious meals.


Being able to replicate nearly any product or object you imagine...sounds very "Star Trek" doesn't it?

Well, now consumers can do just that...create a customized toy, replicate game pieces, even design personalized action figures...through the website ToyBuilders.com.

Airport De-Stressers

Here at Consumer Eyes, our MicroEscape trend refers to quick and simple ways in which people can get away from the stress and tribulation of their everyday lives. Think massages, indulgent desserts, or meditation.

It used to be that airports, and traveling in general, were stressful because of delays or long layovers. These days, most consumers have bigger worries about air travel. All the more reason to enjoy the airport MicroEscape.

They're arriving at airports everywhere... easy ways in which passengers can reduce stress and help relieve anxiety.

Disaster Eating

For the past few weeks, we've heard over and over again the phrases "everything's changed" and "things will never be the same again."

You may have also noticed that in that time, you haven?t been receiving your weekly Eye Sighting.

Well, we promise the two are not entirely connected. While our Eye Sightings were shut down for a time due to technical problems, the hiatus has also given us a chance to digest the events of September 11th and begin to determine their impact on the consumer landscape and trends.