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Fitness on the Incline

So much hype has been made over the expanding waistlines of Americans, but until now, there hasn't been much motivating the obese to get to the gym (clearly the promises of better health and weight loss are not enough).

Fitness may be on the incline, though, if Gin Miller has her way. She's the woman who put the step in aerobics. Now Miller's goal is to ramp things up, literally, for the older and more out-of-shape among us.

The Kumon Method

A 46-year-old Japanese method for teaching mathematics seems to be taking the U.S. by storm.

The method, which started in Japan and is now taught at more than 24,600 franchises around the world, resembles more boot camp than classroom. Kids are taught math in tiny increments, and are not allowed to proceed to the next lesson until the previous is mastered flawlessly.

The Age of the Goddess

Worshipping the goddess sounds more like an offshoot of the teen Wiccan trend than what it really is - the latest (and increasingly ubiquitous) way of celebrating all things female. And of stealing from the past.

Belly dancing classes are gaining popularity, but not as a mere exercise form. Today's belly dancers (and we found them even in towns like Rochester, NY and rural towns in NJ) cry out goals such as "Let your spirit soar!" and "Adorn yourself as the goddess that you are."

Junior Gourmets

There's so much talk about consumers spending increasingly less time cooking. But there's one target group that's actually flocking to the kitchen - Kids.

Credit the cooking channels, of which you will find plenty of pint-sized devotees; or perhaps Generation Swapping - a trend in which adults act like kids and children act like sophisticates.

The Raw Food Trend

The new trend in cooking these days seems to be NOT cooking.

Eating foods raw is the new "in" diet, as well as the latest food philosophy being spouted by so-called health gurus. It started in California - where extreme vegetarians started claiming that "fire is the enemy." They say that any food that's been touched by heat has been stripped of its nutrients.