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The Return of Sugar

Fans of sugar-sweetened drinks could be in luck. In response to all the negative publicity linking High Fructose Corn Syrup to obesity and diabetes (a somewhat contested assertion, it’s true), some small-batch bottlers are touting their use of pure cane sugar instead. If nothing else, they claim, it makes their products taste better. Could the next big thing in sweeteners just be the oldest sweetener of them all?
Here are some of the beverages sugar-lovers can reach for:
Be a [Real] Pepper, Drink Dublin Dr Pepper
Besides being the oldest Dr Pepper bottler in the world, the plant in Dublin, Texas has the distinction of being the only one left that sweetens the drink with pure cane sugar. Though only available in Texas stores, steady demand from sugar-loving Peppers all over the country has convinced the bottler to make it available over the internet. Look for it at: www.olddocs.com.
Keeping Up With The Jones
Until recently Jones Soda was made with HFCS, but recently they’ve been making the switch to pure cane sugar. “It’s better for you, it’s better-tasting and, overall, it’s better for the environment,” Peter van Stolk, the company’s chief executive officer, said. All of the company’s products will make the switch by mid-2007.
Gaga for GuS
Boutique soda brand GuS (short for “Grown Up Soda”) has always used sugar in its line of sophisticated, lightly sweetened sodas. At around 100 crisply refreshing calories per bottle, their sodas are not even that much of an indulgence.
Snapple Goes White
Breaking with the rest of their HFCS-sweetened products, Snapple’s newest line contains only real sugar. It’s part of the brand’s attempt to give their new flavored White Teas an aura of natural good health and nutrition.
Whether they prefer it for taste or for a perceived health benefit, these are good times for those who crave real sugar in their drinks, as more seem to hit the market every month. Cheers!