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Remote Lounge

Technology has moved into the bar space, in a way that's more "Real World" than cyber café.

Remote Lounge in New York City is being called everything from a techno pleasure palace to a multi-media art gallery. Live video feeds and interactive digital art make up the décor. Patrons are required to check their privacy at door, since the bar is filled with dozens of cameras. Those seated at one of the bar's "Cocktail Consoles" can remotely control the cameras, zooming in to peer more closely at whatever or whomever they choose.

For those interested in more social activities, the computers also facilitate high-tech flirting. Bar-goers can type in messages to the person across the bar (or even to the waitress when they're ready for another round).

For years, restaurants and bars have mixed food and entertainment (think Dave 'n Busters, ESPN Zone and Mars 2112). Adding technology seems to add a number of layers to the mix -- a "new" voyeurism, techno-socializing and even techno-communities.