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The Latest from Food 2.0

We recently sent a team member to the Food 2.0 conference, a daylong series of panels here in NYC that looked at the growing relationship between food and technology.  With all that we learned, "growing" might be too gentle a word - the relationship between food and tech is booming!

"App" was the buzzword of the day, and developers are working on apps that do everything from helping you to find the best authentic regional fare, wherever you might find yourself, to helping you choose the healthiest groceries at the lowest pricepoint. And if you're really looking to push the boundaries of your iPhone's abilities, iGrill is a new app that uses a thermometer accessory to monitor the temperature of two items on your grill at once!

On the web, a wide range of new sites are looking to help consumers make smarter food decisions. Newly launched Consmr is like Yelp for individual grocery and drugstore items. Flavorize and Gojee are two sites (one for restaurants, the other for recipes) that take users' ingredient likes and dislikes into account when making recommendations. And for the foodie who knows what he or she likes, Bizzy is a new site that recommends restaurants and shops based on your rankings of the places you've already tried - a little like Netflix's movie suggestions.

With the success of Yelp, Epicurious, and the wide range of food blogs on the web right now, developers are scrambling to create the next big service - and it seems like consumers' appetite for food apps and sites is insatiable.