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Foodie Culture Set To Go Truly Mainstream

Former president and COO of McDonald’s, Mike Roberts, has a new venture in the works that might surprise you – a sustainable, grass-fed, butter-free, cream-free, white sugar-free, white flour-free, high-fructose corn syrup-free, GMO-free, trans fats-free, additives-free, and generally all-the-bad-stuff-for-you-free chain of restaurants, utilizing the much maligned but highly efficient McDonald’s style of supply chain management.

Welcome to the dancefloor Robert’s concept: Lyfe Kitchen – an acronym for Love Your Food Everyday. Think burgers, brussels sprouts, biodynamic wines, and generally all the foodie tropes America currently falls all over itself for. On a massive, McDonalds-like scale.

Can it work? Wired has the full story.

Posted by Emilie