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Eye Types: HyperParents

Consumer Eyes is proud to announce our latest publication, the eye guide, vol.2: eye types! Inside you'll find dozens of compelling, multi-dimensional consumer portraits we call Eye Types.

Eye Types such as HyperParents.

Parenting has always been a nervous business. But HyperParents are consumers willing to try or buy absolutely anything they think will keep their child safe, or raise him or her above the common horde. Favorite products and services include:

* The Wherify Wireless bracelet (at $400 a pop!) lets Mom and Dad track Junior like an insured package, using a Global Positioning System.

* At Bunk1.com, HyperParents can keep tabs on their kids while at sleep-away camp, thanks to live camera feeds.

To learn more about HyperParents... not to mention Clutch Potatoes, Pet Pamperers, Ms. Independents, GentleMen and over two dozen other fun and thought-provoking consumer types... just click below for your free, hot-off-the-press copy of the eye guide, vol 2: eye types.