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The End of Curation?

New York Magazine’s “Grub Street” blog recently declared the death of the “curation” buzzword. In the last few years, it’s become an inescapable part of restaurant menus and press releases, an easy way to boost cachet and make any group of items sound like they were placed together only after hours of careful consideration.

The term may be tired, but the concept behind it seems stronger than ever. Curated sites, restaurants and shops are popping up everywhere – from trend spotters like 1Band1Brand to Uniqlo’s popular Save Japan t-shirt series curated by GQ and Vogue Japan. At its core it’s hardly a new idea, either– from DJ mixes and film festivals to restaurants’ wine lists and record stores’ staff picks, thoughtful selections have been helpfully narrowing down our choices for a while.

Don’t worry if you start to see fewer products calling themselves “curated” in the coming year; no matter what we choose to call it, consumers will continue to crave the feeling that someone, somewhere has sorted through the options for them and hand-picked the cream of the crop.