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We've been hearing a lot about consumers who are coming out of their cocoons. Apparently, going OUT is back IN.

But, for those who fear that long, wild nights will imperil their overscheduled, deadline-filled days, there's a new product to consider.

It's a dietary supplement called Dr, intended to prevent hangovers. Dr comes in the form of drops that a party-goer can add to his or her alcoholic drink. The number of drops needed vary according to the type of drink (beer calls for 6 drops, hard alcohol 5, and wine just 4).

Dr's makers claim the drops will diminish hangover symptoms (like sluggishness, headache and dehydration) by as much as 50%. They also say Dr's ingredients ("vitamins, minerals and other nutrients") are all FDA-approved, and tasteless and colorless, so as not to affect the flavor of your cocktail. And, for better or worse, Dr won't prevent intoxication.

Is this a manipulation of the Dietery Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, or a revolutionary new concept in hangover relief?