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Dispatch from the Maker Faire

A few weeks back, MAKE magazine (the quarterly bible for the do-it-yourself crowd) held their first East Coast fair, and Consumer Eyes had a front row seat. Entitled Maker Faire, it was a sort of free-for-all festival of DIY, celebrating every sort of creativity, from conceptual art to homemade robots to good old arts and crafts. The festival was huge, featuring over 300 exhibitors and performers. Popular Mechanics had a booth. So did Martha Stewart. Some other highlights: lab coats decorated with constantly shifting patterns, thanks to LCDs embedded in the fabric; an electric-guitar windmill; intricate toys and towers produced by next-generation 3-D printers; playground equipment powered by custom built jet engines; and a car covered in fake sod made from yarn (a sly comment on our obsession with green technologies, or just a yearning to carry the front lawn wherever you travel?) To see more of what was on offer, check out Consumer Eyes' online gallery.