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Cooking for a New Generation

Many consumers in the Gen X and younger range don't have the time or the know-how to cook. For them, Martha Stewart is beyond aspirational.

Enter Donna Hay - domestic goddess for a new generation, the Microwave Generation. Hay teaches a relaxed approach to cooking. Her books include 'New Food Fast,' in which recipes are classified according to cooking time (none more than 30-minutes) and more recently, 'Off the Shelf,' which advises on how to stock a pantry and then combine fresh ingredients with pantry staples for fast, delicious meals.

Now Hay has turned her cooking concepts into a magazine. Entitled 'Donna Hay Magazine,' it serves to turn 'simple into special.' The magazine includes features dedicated to seasonal produce, entertaining, homemade fast food, cooking techniques, tabletop style...and more. Hay's instructions allow for those with little familiarity in the kitchen without alienating more experienced cooks and foodies.

One vital point that Hay doesn't miss is that although this generation may not have the time or inclination to prepare restaurant-style meals at home, for them it remains the ideal. Does your current product line-up reflect this new restaurant taste/flavor/aesthetic ideal?