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Doggy Tech

We decided to mark the Dog Days of summer by shining a spotlight on man’s best friend. And what we noticed is that technology is really stepping it up this year to help bring people and pups together.

Date A Dog?

The "Internet of Things" Can Now Include Plants

Between Quirky, Nest and Google's new Android L operating system, the idea of the connected home has picked up a lot of steam over the last few months. But what about expanding that to the garden? A startup called Edyn has already tripled their fundraising goal on Kickstarter with a solar-powered, networked sensor that can give you real-time updates about your garden's humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and light.

Taking Snapshots with Depth

We can all identify with the impulse to capture an image for posterity; in the era of the smartphone, that urge to preserve and share has become an overwhelming part of many people's lives. But it increasingly appears that we're on the edge of an exponential boom in our ability to record and experience images. 

Resetting for Privacy

A little over a month ago, we sent out an Eyesighting on the current trend toward privacy and anonymity in social media. The trend continues to grow, and today looks to be a major milestone - June 5th is Reset the Net, a global day of pro-privacy action organized by a wide range of web entities and civil liberties groups.

A.I. B.B.Q.

You may remember that a few months ago, we welcomed IBM's Watson, the artificial intelligence that dominated Jeopardy, to our little corner of NYC. Now, it looks like he's edging into our industry, too – IBM has just sent out samples of Bengali Butternut BBQ Sauce, a condiment created entirely by Watson.


What does true brand loyalty look like? Well, you can't do much better than WhatsApplebee's, a new iOS app independently created by programmer Mike Lazer-Walker to let Applebee's fans network with each other. He's labeled it "The Most Exclusive New Social Network," and given that it will only work while the user is physically inside an Applebee's location, that might just be true.

Social Media Now: Don’t Pass It Along

It’s pretty well known by now that Facebook has been losing ground with younger consumers. Since 2011 it has lost over 11 million users under the age of 24, including a drop of almost a third among U.S. teen users in 2013 alone. (Perhaps in response, Facebook recently announced that future stand-alone apps and services may not carry Facebook branding, or even require a Facebook account to use.)

The Top 6 Things to Know Before Alibaba Goes Public

Massive Chinese e-tailer Alibaba has announced plans to launch an IPO in the United States, leading to a flurry of speculation about the potential for investors to bet on the Chinese web-shopping boom. But if you think Alibaba is just Amazon-East, you're only seeing part of the picture. Here are 6 key facts you should know about this retailing giant - and about the future of China's web-savvy middle class.

A New Dimension in Candy

3-D printing company 3D Systems has teamed up with Hershey to explore new opportunities in printed confections. At CES this year, 3D Systems showed off a pretty big 3-D printing innovation - the ChefJet 3-D food printer, which can print surprisingly complex models using chocolate or sugar. Now, Hershey has signed on to help them to develop potential outputs for the technology, which looks to be targeted mainly at bakers and small foodservice providers.

Big Data in the East Village

In the last few years, our neighborhood here in New York City has transformed itself into Silicon Alley, an east coast counterpoint to Silicon Valley in the west. And IBM has just announced that it's betting big on the downtown area, setting up their famous Watson supercomputer just a few blocks south of our offices in a new building on Astor Place - an area that's better known for Cooper Union, tattoo parlors and skate punks than innovation in advanced cognitive computing.