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Wrinkle Free

On a recent plane ride, we met a dermatologist from Down Under who is doing some very progressive non-invasive treatments to get rid of wrinkles. We were fascinated by the details, and we think you will be, too.

Let's Dish

We've been scouting out the stockpiler chef for several years now. They're the folks who cook in bulk on either Saturday or Sunday, then refrigerate or freeze their meals so they have something quick and home-cooked for dinner any night of the week. It's a great idea, but it takes a lot of planning, shopping and organization.

Enter Let's Dish (www.letsdish.net).

The Butt Facial

Just in time for summer - when your tushy will presumably have its day in the sun - it's the Butt Facial!

OK, it might be at the bottom of your list, but hipsters in L.A. and New York are taking their derrieres straight to the spa.

The butt facial at Brooklyn's Spa Secret starts with a scraping of the skin (ouch!), then the cheeks are massaged with a skin-firming gel and wrapped in a mask that goes from hot to cold. At the Roxbury Spa in Beverly Hills, they'll tone, buff, de-blemish and polish your butt, and they claim to also be able to get rid of cellulite.

Digital Flowers

Have those flowers you received from your Valentine already wilted?

Well, soon you'll have a brand new way to control whether your "flowers" live or die.

Digital Flowers, developed by British Telecom, are a desktop digital bouquet. 10 electronic buds within the vase correspond to 10 different relationships in your life. Each flower monitors your e-mail, Instant Messenger, phone and cell phone via a 3G-enabled service. The goal is to track how much attention you pay to the people who matter most.

Fast or Slow?

Is slow the new fast? It depends upon whom you ask.

Flying Room Service

Airline food may have been much maligned, but now that it has virtually disappeared from all but a few flights, consumers are feeling the void.

In sweeps the hotel industry. Many high-end hotels, like the Four Seasons Palm Beach and some Marriott chains, are offering "Airline to Go" meals. Essentially room service packed up and ready to fly, the meals are being pushed hard to today's hungry, harried traveler.

Remote Lounge

Technology has moved into the bar space, in a way that's more "Real World" than cyber café.

Remote Lounge in New York City is being called everything from a techno pleasure palace to a multi-media art gallery. Live video feeds and interactive digital art make up the décor. Patrons are required to check their privacy at door, since the bar is filled with dozens of cameras. Those seated at one of the bar's "Cocktail Consoles" can remotely control the cameras, zooming in to peer more closely at whatever or whomever they choose.


Being able to replicate nearly any product or object you imagine...sounds very "Star Trek" doesn't it?

Well, now consumers can do just that...create a customized toy, replicate game pieces, even design personalized action figures...through the website ToyBuilders.com.

The Kumon Method

A 46-year-old Japanese method for teaching mathematics seems to be taking the U.S. by storm.

The method, which started in Japan and is now taught at more than 24,600 franchises around the world, resembles more boot camp than classroom. Kids are taught math in tiny increments, and are not allowed to proceed to the next lesson until the previous is mastered flawlessly.

The Age of the Goddess

Worshipping the goddess sounds more like an offshoot of the teen Wiccan trend than what it really is - the latest (and increasingly ubiquitous) way of celebrating all things female. And of stealing from the past.

Belly dancing classes are gaining popularity, but not as a mere exercise form. Today's belly dancers (and we found them even in towns like Rochester, NY and rural towns in NJ) cry out goals such as "Let your spirit soar!" and "Adorn yourself as the goddess that you are."