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Google+, Round Two

When was the last time you logged into Google+? Like many of us, you probably rushed to claim your username early on, checked the site a few times, and let your interest slowly taper off. Despite some truly clever innovations and an enormous pool of users, Google+ has never really achieved the critical mass necessary to make it a Facebook contender.

Ordering Seafood... Straight from the Ocean


Detoxing from Tech

As our digital lives become ever more linked to our personal lives, a new digital-disconnection trend is emerging. Now, we all have that one friend who staunchly refuses to upgrade to a smartphone, but this is different-- it's not a backlash, or some kind of neo-luddite movement. Instead, it's intended from the beginning as a temporary break, a vacation.

Staples Goes 3D

Watch out, Shapeways-- Staples has announced a new 3D printing service in the Netherlands and Belgium. It'll be using the innovative IRIS 3D printer, which eschews the usual extruded plastic material in favor of layered paper. This also allows the printer to add color as it prints, resulting in photorealistic imagery as well as three-dimensional structure.

Using Instagram to Fight Diners' Remorse

Have you ever ordered at a restaurant, only to see the waiter return with a dish that looks nothing like what you had hoped for? Comodo, a restaurant here in New York City, is harnessing its diners' love of amateur foodie photography to create a crowdsourced menu on Instagram. Their hashtag, #ComodoMenu, lets diners check out user-uploaded photos and reviews of each dish on the menu, making sure that they'll always know exactly what they're getting.

Moleskine and Evernote

School’s back in session. Even if you won’t be making the dreaded return to nightly homework assignments, we think that the Evernote Smart Notebook is something that students, parents and everyone in between can all agree would be a great addition to back to school shopping lists.

Tipping with the DipJar

Have you ever found yourself cashless, wishing you could tip someone like the barista or hair stylist with your credit card, the way you pay for everything else?

Enter the DipJar – just swipe your card into the metal “jar” and an amount pre-set by the establishment will be charged to your card – simple as that! Its already in use at Oren’s Daily Roast, where you can tip $1 for your coffee without having to fumble for change.

Posted by Emilie

Minimizing Food Waste in NYC

Excess NYC is a waste-reduction project created by artists in Madrid and New York, and its aim is to minimize the amount of food thrown out in NYC. At the heart of the project is a four-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle that carries bodega-style shelves of food as well as a composter for gathering waste scraps. It will travel to participating restaurants and stores around the city, gathering unwanted food that can be distributed for free in local parks or, if it's too far gone, composted and delivered to community gardens as fertilizer.

The Robots are Coming... With Your Order

It’s widely believed that most of the waitstaff in New York are actually out of work actors, but did you know that many of the waiters over in China are actually… robots? At Haohai Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China, robots are responsible for the table service as well as the cooking AND the entertainment – in fact they’re the whole staff!

Pinterest Gets Into the Social Shopping Game

It was only a matter of time before Pinterest became another place to spend money on things you never knew you needed. Over the past weekend, the brains behind Pinterest analytics add-on Pintics created ShopInterest, a DIY service that lets anyone with a Pinterest account turn their boards into web shops. Look out Etsy!

Posted by Krista