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Keys in the Cloud


In the interest of security, many of us have switched over to password managers - those clever programs that store all of our various security credentials somewhere in the cloud, keeping us from having to walk around with our pockets stuffed with little scraps of paper.

The Return of the Old Internet


With all of the hype around mobile apps, virtual reality and live media streaming, it can seem like today's internet has little in common with the "information highway" many of us remember from the days of AOL and Netscape Navigator. And yet, behind the scenes, the more traditional side of the web has been growing rapidly.  

Social Media Now: Don’t Pass It Along

It’s pretty well known by now that Facebook has been losing ground with younger consumers. Since 2011 it has lost over 11 million users under the age of 24, including a drop of almost a third among U.S. teen users in 2013 alone. (Perhaps in response, Facebook recently announced that future stand-alone apps and services may not carry Facebook branding, or even require a Facebook account to use.)

Brooklyn Gets a New Kind of CSA

In the last decade, we've seen the Community Supported Agriculture concept move from the hippie fringe to the urban mainstream. CSAs have become synonymous with DIY culture, the farm-to-table movement, and the urban hipster.

Solar Phone Charging Stations Coming to NYC

If you live in a major city, chances are you depend on your phone to get around. And in a city like New York, where there's a good chance you aren't driving a car, it's even more of a challenge to keep that battery meter in the green throughout the day. Enter Brooklyn design firm Pensa, solar charger manufacturer Goal Zero and AT&T.



New York City’s largest hotel — the New York Hilton Midtown — will discontinue room service to its 2,000 guest rooms starting this August. This move follows the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, which eliminated room service back in October. As to why, according to a spokesman for the hotel chain, “Like most full-service hotels, New York Hilton Midtown has continued to see a decline in traditional room-service requests over the last several years.”



Google+, Round Two

When was the last time you logged into Google+? Like many of us, you probably rushed to claim your username early on, checked the site a few times, and let your interest slowly taper off. Despite some truly clever innovations and an enormous pool of users, Google+ has never really achieved the critical mass necessary to make it a Facebook contender.

Ordering Seafood... Straight from the Ocean


Detoxing from Tech

As our digital lives become ever more linked to our personal lives, a new digital-disconnection trend is emerging. Now, we all have that one friend who staunchly refuses to upgrade to a smartphone, but this is different-- it's not a backlash, or some kind of neo-luddite movement. Instead, it's intended from the beginning as a temporary break, a vacation.