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Cross-Country Cookout Hits Union Square

The History Channel turned our corner of Union Square into a barbecue today, bringing in a truck-sized smoker and grill and handing out free BBQ all day. It was all part of the Cross-Country Cookout, a series of promotions across the US for their burgeoning reality TV lineup. The vibe was relaxed as New Yorkers - or, more likely, tourists - played lawn games and chatted with the cooks. We love a good interactive brand experience, and judging by the size of the crowd, History built up a Texas-sized helping of good will over the course of the afternoon.

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Understanding the New Aesthetic


Expert Interview with Letha Hadady


Revolutionary Consumer Technology

The photo above was taken from our window yesterday afternoon, when Union Square got a brief visit from the Occupy Wall Street protesters. We spent some time walking through the ranks, and were amazed to see how many people were carrying cameras -- if the revolution isn't televised, it will certainly be Facebooked.

Movies You Can Taste

The 5th annual NYC Food Film Festival, which begins tomorrow, is founded on the idea that seeing food up on a screen is no substitute for tasting it, smelling it, experiencing it.

Learning to Embrace Your Doubts

For Advertising Week 2011, Consumer Eyes attended an inspiring talk by Paul Lavoie, co-founder & chairman of TAXI Advertising, on his philosophy of doubting conventional thought – thinking outside of the box, so to speak.

Eyes On the Road: Talking with Tumbleweed Tiny Houses at the Maker Faire

Interested in downsizing your living space? An increasing number of Americans are reconsidering their square-footage requirements and abandoning large, inefficient homes for smaller spaces - sometimes much smaller. Check out our video to learn more about the history of the movement - as well as some of the technical considerations of moving into one of Tumbleweed's beautifully crafted tiny houses.

Eyes On the Road: Talking with 3D Systems at the Maker Faire

3D Systems is one of the oldest and most established companies in the 3D printing industry. At this year's Maker Faire, they were showing off a wide variety of machines - from large industrial systems to new smaller, more affordable enthusiast models. In this video, we talk with Rajeev Kulkarni about the future of 3D printing and the potential for this technology to soon become ubiquitous in American homes. What items will we be printing in our basements in 2015? Watch the video to find out... 


Eyes On the Road: Talking with Fab@Home at the Maker Faire

At this year's Maker Faire, we had a few minutes to talk with some representatives from Fab@Home, a group that is helping to develop open-source standards for the world of rapid prototyping. They've created some remarkable innovations - and our favorite has to be the ability to print 3-D objects out of food. The possibilities seem endless! Check out the video to learn more and see a couple of their machines in action.


The Next Culinary Superstar?


Every once in a while, the stars align and what was once a lowly foodstuff gets its moment in the sun. All signs point to the grilled cheese sandwich as the next food to shine.