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Previewing the Low Line

The spiritual successor to New York’s High Line might be a little more underground– literally. This past weekend, we checked out a proof-of-concept demo for the Low Line, a proposed park to be built in an abandoned underground trolley garage on the Lower East Side. A system of solar collectors and reflectors would direct sunlight down from the surface, allowing trees and grass to grow in the cavernous space and creating a dreamlike outside/inside atmosphere.

Sidle Up to the 'Buch Bar

Kombucha lovers – your wait is over. Last week saw the launch of NYC’s very first Kombucha bar. Aptly named the ‘Buch Bar, the new venture involves a team of Kombucha lovers from Dig In Seasonal Market and Kombucha Brooklyn who will be serving up 4 kinds of ‘bucha hooch in their Union Square location. From Kombucha bars to Kombucha cocktails, this is one healthy trend that continues to hold momentum.

Taking a Creative Look at Urbanization

Last night I headed out to the Flux Factory art space in Long Island City for the latest in their series of Deathmatch Debates, titled Is Small Big Enough? The question pertained to what are known as "urban interventions," projects in which designers, artists and urban planners create spaces and experiences that improve the quality of urban life.

Minimizing Food Waste in NYC

Excess NYC is a waste-reduction project created by artists in Madrid and New York, and its aim is to minimize the amount of food thrown out in NYC. At the heart of the project is a four-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle that carries bodega-style shelves of food as well as a composter for gathering waste scraps. It will travel to participating restaurants and stores around the city, gathering unwanted food that can be distributed for free in local parks or, if it's too far gone, composted and delivered to community gardens as fertilizer.

Grownup Cupcakes

Not only will the cupcake trend just not go away, it now has a new twist… and one I have to admit, I like! New cupcake bar Prohibition Bakery is slated to open on Clinton Street with a menu full of booze-filled cupcakes. We’re talking single malt whiskey, Bailey’s, rum, pale ale, pinot noir… you name it! As if that weren’t addictive enough, they’ve also got options spiked with bacon, Nutella and… tobacco?!

The Sushi Cone has Arrived

Move over pizza cones, there is a new cone king in town, and he does NOT approve of your semi-melted cheese. Welcome Iconic Hand Rolls, a new grab-and-go sushi purveyor in the East Village where you can have Hiroko Shimbo whip up a fast-casual version of your favorite sushi bar specialties in a handheld cone format. With fusion rolls that incorporate ceviche and skirt steak, designed to be eaten on-the-go, who needs pizza cones OR Chipotle?

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Cross-Country Cookout Hits Union Square

The History Channel turned our corner of Union Square into a barbecue today, bringing in a truck-sized smoker and grill and handing out free BBQ all day. It was all part of the Cross-Country Cookout, a series of promotions across the US for their burgeoning reality TV lineup. The vibe was relaxed as New Yorkers - or, more likely, tourists - played lawn games and chatted with the cooks. We love a good interactive brand experience, and judging by the size of the crowd, History built up a Texas-sized helping of good will over the course of the afternoon.

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Revolutionary Consumer Technology

The photo above was taken from our window yesterday afternoon, when Union Square got a brief visit from the Occupy Wall Street protesters. We spent some time walking through the ranks, and were amazed to see how many people were carrying cameras -- if the revolution isn't televised, it will certainly be Facebooked.