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The End of 3rd Ward, But Not of an Era


Check out Consumer Eyes in a Spoof on the Today Show!

We don’t mean to inundate your inbox, but we can’t help but share with you a bit of fun for us that started with a call from the Today Show asking for our participation in a series that has been airing this week called “Fact or Fiction”. In this gameshow-type segment, the Today anchors, as well as viewers at home, are challenged to watch two outlandish news stories and guess which is real and which is fake.

Upside-Down Academy

Maker Faire 2013


Pops with Hops: Little Brands Give Big Brands a Boost


In a world in which food trends are moving from the leading edge to the mainstream faster than ever before, it can pay for big brands to work with the little guy. Venerable New York landmark Murray's Cheese has had a successful partnership with Kroger supermarkets for several years now, and booming hamburger chain Shake Shack has just announced that they'll be using Dominique Ansel's cronuts for a new cronut "concrete."

It's Not Spaghetti - It's Spaghettieis

One of Europe's stranger desserts has arrived in New York City - "spaghettieis" traces its roots to 1960s Germany, where its popularity remains strongest. The frozen treat resembles a plate of spaghetti and marinara sauce, but the pasta is in fact vanilla ice cream that's been pushed through a spätzle press. Topped with strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate, the result is a pretty convincing simulation of spaghetti.

Craft Beer Concentrate - and the Consumer Eyes BBQ!


Burger Meets Ramen

When you think of a Japanese-influenced burger, you might expect a Kobe beef patty-- but how about a ramen bun? Brooklyn chef Keizo Shimamoto has crafted two patties of ramen noodles into a bun-approximating shape, resulting in a burger hybrid that some are already calling the next cronut. At Williamsburg food showcase Smorgasburg, the line for his stand ran 500-deep, and photos of the trendy burger are flooding the internet.

Summer of Lines

One could argue that life has never, in the history of the world, been so convenient. Fresh Direct brings groceries right to our doors, Netflix beams movies straight to our TVs, and the number of reasons to ever leave the house at all are dwindling down dangerously close to zero. 

American Burgers Head Across the Pond

It's hard to think of a food more steeped in American culture (and, perhaps, culinary values) than the hamburger. Last week, two of our most promising premium burger chains, Shake Shack and Five Guys, crossed the Atlantic and opened up shop in London, where the upmarket burger trend is already going strong. By all accounts, the burgers are nearly indistinguishable from those served at their stateside locations– Shake Shack even went so far as to import its famous potato buns from the States.

Brooklyn Gets a New Kind of CSA

In the last decade, we've seen the Community Supported Agriculture concept move from the hippie fringe to the urban mainstream. CSAs have become synonymous with DIY culture, the farm-to-table movement, and the urban hipster.