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Remember the excitement and joy you felt as a kid when you’d hear the song heralding the arrival of the ice cream truck? Now an L.A. hipster has reinvented the experience in a way that even grown-ups can enjoy.

Caffeinated Life

It’s the time of year when the sky’s default color is gray and the doldrums start to take over. In February, who doesn’t need a pick-me-up? We think it’s the perfect moment to check in on the increasing caffeination of – well, almost everything it seems. What started with the coffee and energy drink revolution has now spread far beyond the beverage category.

Lust For Lashes

Who can say why certain body parts cycle in and out of fashion? What’s clear is that we’re currently living through the era of the eyelash.
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Are There Brands In Heaven?

In the 80s it was designer jeans, in the 90s it was designer coffees. Consumers have long used brands as tools of self-definition, so it should come as no surprise that in the 00s, some folks are deciding that what’s good in this life should be good for the next. Here’s how some consumers are making the leap from lifestyle brands to brands for the afterlife:

Eternal Image

It Takes Green to Be Green

The C-Types are making some noise! To see what people are saying, check out the July 23 issue of AdAge. Among the celebrity C-Type role models flagged in the magazine is Al Gore, aspirational icon for E-litists.

The Ultimate Business Beach Book

Looking for something to read at the beach that’s a little more illuminating than the back of your sun block? Forgive us for bragging, but let us suggest: “Karma Queens, Geek Gods & Innerpreneurs” by Consumer Eyes founder Ron Rentel with Joe Zellnik.

Shop Dropping

If you take a product from the store without paying, that’s shoplifting. But if you put something into a store without telling? That’s shop dropping, and it’s a movement gaining steam around the country.

A Taste of Sunshine

Here at Consumer Eyes we're as anxious as anyone to escape winter's bitter cold. But rather than packing our bags for a weekend in the Bahamas, we simply let our taste buds do the traveling. In our latest category sampling (we conduct these internal sessions regularly, to ensure that we stay au courant) we tasted around thirty varieties of citrus fruits, from Melogold Pummelos to Dweet Tangors.

You Are What You Don't Wear

New York is currently in the grip of Fashion Week, when designers decree what’s a “must have” and what’s a “toss out.” There’s one fashion trend, however, which wants to remind us that while fashion may be disposable, clothing materials aren’t (or shouldn’t be).

Bartering Is Back

It's the oldest type of human transaction...well, practically. Person A's goods (or services) traded for person B's. Participants barter till both sides are satisfied. No need for money (or personal checks, or gold doubloons, or wampum beads). Just commerce in its simplest form, as practiced centuries ago. So guess what's suddenly hip, and surprisingly high end? That's right. Bartering is back, a hot trend for summer 2006!

Beer for Bags